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Anthony Cavaluzzi
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Anthony Cavaluzzi and Profit Management Solutions LLC understand that exiting a corporate career is not always an easy task. The demand at this job level is often high, and you need to find a strategy that makes transitioning simpler and more efficient. The following process will give you an idea of what steps you need to take and how they help move you to a higher plateau in your career.

Anthony Cavaluzzi of Profit Management Solutions LLC Examines Exit Options

At Profit Management Solutions LLC, Anthony Cavaluzzi has helped many individuals master various exit strategies that improved their careers and made life easier after leaving. These strategies are often complex and require a careful approach to handle correctly. Simply put, you want to walk away from your corporate job confident that you’re moving into a better position and with ease and grace.

First, you need to give enough notice before you move on to a new job. While the work-a-day crowd may walk away after just two weeks of caution, you probably don’t have that luxury. You need to give at least 1–2 months’ notice if you’re a corporate executive or any other type of corporate leader. Finding someone to fill your specialized position will require far longer than a few weeks to handle.

Of course, you could just give a two-week notice and walk away guilt-free. Most companies will accept that kind of action. However, this exit strategy is likely to put a black stain on your record. Put simply, it will show that you’re not willing to work for the needs of your businesses. It makes you seem like a renegade or a maverick and often puts unneeded emphasis on your free spirit and personality.

By giving at least one month (and up to two) to your employers before you leave, you make it simpler for them to identify potential replacements before you go. You show them that you care about their needs and make them a great reference. Simply fleeing after two weeks will brand you as a traitor to some. This may not seem fair to you, but corporate-level work is often cut-throat and even cruel.

This simple strategy is just the start. At Profit Management Solutions LLC, Anthony Cavaluzzi strongly suggests working with an exit strategist who can help smooth out your transition. During this process, you’ll need to inform your partners and contacts that you’re leaving. You’ll also need to tell them that you’re moving on to a new company and give them a better understanding of your goals and career future.

Beyond this step, it is also essential to sign sworn documents with your past employer, stating that you will not share any corporate information. Breaches of these agreements could be considered a form of corporate espionage and may be prosecuted.

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